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Managing organisational change

Success in managing change depends on having the right expertise and the impartiality to take clear decisions. It can be difficult for people to focus beyond the present on the end in mind: history, emotions and vested interests can all play a part.

We draw on our experience to bring clarity to these complex situations, making them more manageable. We work with you to identify the end objectives and the actions needed to reach them, and we provide practical support to see you right through the process. We can provide:

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reviews of governance and organisational structures
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planning and practical support for new structures and mergers, including recruitment to key positions
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hands-on management. This may be: in interim periods between top-level appointments; to establish and embed new services; or to support specific business processes

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strategic support and advice.
For more information, please contact Maxine Edney or Caroline White.
"They provided the reassurance of someone who had been through the process before"  Mike Lancaster, Co-Director, Epilepsy Research UK

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